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VW Passat 1998-2006 (B5) Fuse Box Diagram

Instrument Panel Fuse Box Diagram

FusesDescriptionAmpere rating [A]
1Heated washer nozzle5
2Turn signal system10
4License plate light5
5Power Seats, air conditioning, telematics, Multi‐Function Steering Wheel, Power sunroof, mirror adjustment, HomeLink10
6Comfort module comfort system5
7ABS, Cruise Control system, Engine Control Unit10
8Automatic headlight beam adjusting5
9Parking aid5
10CD-Changer Unit, Telematics, Multi‐Function Steering Wheel, Navigation, Radio5
11Power Seats with Memory5
12B+ (battery positive voltage) for Data Link Connector (DLC)10
13Brake lights10
14Comfort module system10
15Instr. cluster, air conditioning, automatic transmission10
16ABS, Steering Angle Sensor5
17Power outlet, Telematics10
18Right headlight, high beam10
19Left headlight, high beam10
20Right headlight, low beam15
21Left headlight, low beam15
22Parklight, right5
23Parklight, left5
24Wiper system25
25Fresh air blower, recirculating control, air conditioning, Power sunroof30
26Rear window defogger30
27Rear window wiper system15
28Fuelpump (FP)20
29Engine Control Unit, Coolant Fan20
31Back‐up lights, cruise control system, automatic transmission, Mirror adjustments, diagnostic15
32Engine Control Module (ECM), cruise control system20
33Cigarette lighter15
34Engine Control Module (ECM), injectors15
35Trailer socket30
36Fog lights15
37Radio system, Navigation20
38Comfort module system15
39Emergency flasher system15
40Dual horn25
43Engine Control Module (ECM)15
44Heated seats30
VW Interior Fuse Box Side A
VW Interior Fuse Box Side B

Control Module Housing Fuse Box Diagram

NumberColorfrom wiring harnessto wiring harness
1BlackInstrument PanelEngine Compartment right
2BrownInstrument PanelEngine Compartment right
3RedInstrument PanelEngine Compartment right
4YellowInstrument PanelEngine Compartment right
5BlueInstrument PanelEngine Compartment right
6WhiteInstrument PanelEngine Compartment right

VW Passat Relay Panel Diagram

Relay/fuseDescriptionAmpere rating [A]
1Motronic Engine Control Module Power Supply Re‐ lay (167), engine code BDP
2Secondary Air Injection (AIR) Pump Relay (373), (100)
3Motronic Engine Control Module Power Supply Relay (429), (219) Auxiliary Engine Coolant (EC) Pump Relay (53), (411)
BFuse for Injectors (S116)10
Auxiliary Coolant (EC) Pump5
DFuse for Secondary Air Pump (S130)50
EFuse for Ignition coil termial (S115)40
FEngine control Module (ECM) Fuse (S102)5
GEngine Electronics Fuse (S282)10

VW Passat Auxiliary Relay Panel Diagram

3Coolant Fan Control (FC) Relay 80 W (373)
5First Speed Coolant Fan Control (FC) Relay (373)
6Coolant Fan Control (FC) Relay (373)
7Relay for ABS with ESP (373)
8Coolant Fan Control (FC) Relay (370)

VW Passat Fuse Box Relay Diagram

1Dual Horn Relay (53)
2Load Reduction Relay (370)
4Fuel Pump (FP) Relay (372) (409)
VWiper/Washer Intermittent Relay (377) (389), Wiper/Washer Intermittent Relay/Rainsensor (192)
VIWiper/Washer Intermittent Relay (377) (389), Wiper/Washer Intermittent Relay/Rainsensor (192)

Fuses Part of Relay Panel

FusesDescriptionAmpere rating [A]
AFuse for 12v socket I in luggage compartment20
BFuse for 12v socket II in luggage compartment20
CFuse for Taxi10

VW Passat Auxiliary Fuse Box Relay Diagram

1Coolant Fan Control (FC)‐A/C Relay (373)
2Sun-Roof Relay (79)
3A/C Clutch Relay (267), A/C Clutch Relay (384)
4Daytime Running Lights Change‐Over Relay (173)
5Taxi Alarm Relay, High Beam Headlight Relay, Emergency Flasher Relay
6Selector Lever Light Relay
7Fog Light Relay (381)
8Control Module for Multi‐function steering wheel (451), Control Module for Multi‐function steering wheel (452)
9Control Module for Multi‐function steering wheel (451), Control Module for Multi‐function steering wheel (452)
10Brake Booster Relay (373)
11Taxi Alarm Relay Emergency Flasher Relay (200)
12Dual Horn Relay (53) Taxi Alarm Relay
13Park/Neutral Position (PNP) Relay (175), Starting Interlock Relay‐Clutch Position (53)

Fuses in Auxiliary Relay Fuse Box

FuseDescriptionAmpere rating [A]
AFuse for Taxi25
BFuse for Taxi20
High Beam Headlight left10
CFuse for Brake System Vacuum Pump15
DFuse for Power Outlet (12 V) Rear Console20
EFuse for Taxi5
High Beam Headlight right10

VW Passat Owners Manual

VW Passat Interior Fuse Box Location and Diagram

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