VW Passat Exhaust Flex Pipe

Three Ways to Replace the Flex Pipe

The flex pipe is typically part of a larger section of exhaust and can be replaced three different ways. The first is to remove the exhaust from the catalytic converter to the nearest joint after the flex pipe. It is then possible to cut out the flex pipe and replace it with a generic new one, welding up the seams when finished. Way number two is to replace the entire section of exhaust with a new OEM, or Non-OEM, pre-formed, exhaust pipe. The third route is to patch the exhaust flex pipe with a small wrap, almost like a aluminum soda (pop) can, but a little bit thicker with industrial metal clamps.

Replace the Entire Flex Pipe Exhaust Section

As you would guess, option number three is the cheapest, but we recommend number two, replacing the entire flex pipe section. This will save the possibility of a headache in the future and you do not have to worry about the generic flex pipe fitting incorrectly and causing other damage. Please review the video and user manuals below for more information.

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