Hyundai i20 Passenger Fuse Box Diagram

In this video we show the location of the passenger and engine fuse box on a Hyundai Grand i20. We also show a clear shot of the passenger fuse box diagram located under the steering wheel.

Hyundai i20 Fuse Box Diagram

Hyundai i20 Fuse Box Diagram Image

A photo of the bottom of the fuse cover

Instrument Panel Fuse Box Location

hyundai i20 passenger fuse box location
The i20 interior fuse box is located under the steering wheel on the dashboard

Hyundai i20 Passenger Fuse Diagram From Owners Manual

Below is the diagram from the owners manual on the 2020 Hyundai i20. The passenger fuse box provides power to the windows, ABS, gauges, brake switch, memory, airbags, cruise control, cigarette lighter socket (power outlet), and other accessories.

Fuse lables for the interior fuse box on a hyundai i20

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