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Tesla Model X 2015-2019 Key Battery Replacement

The battery life of your Model X key is about one year. When the battery is low, a message appears on the dashboard. Please follow the steps below to replace:

Step One: Place the key on a soft surface (with the button side facing down) and loosen the bottom cover with a small flat blade toolnail or a tool supplied by Tesla

Step Two: Slide the battery out at an angle to remove the battery.

Step Three: Insert a new battery (model: CR2354) with the “+” side facing up. The battery will fit in place, so you must slide it into the positive contact at an angle (close to the center of the key).

Step Four: Hold the cover at an angle, align the lock tab at the widest point of the cover with the corresponding keyway, and then press the cover firmly onto the key until it clicks into place.

Please Note: Wipe the battery clean before installation to avoid contact with the battery surface. Leaving fingerprints on the battery plane will shorten battery life.

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