Ford Expedition Fuse Box Diagram

Detailed fuse box diagram for 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2002 Ford Expedition.

Ford Expedition Passenger Compartment Fuse Panel

The fuse panel is located below and to the left of the steering wheel by the brake pedal. Remove the panel cover to access the fuses.To remove a fuse use the fuse puller tool provided on the fuse panel-cover.

Ford Expedition Power Distribution Box (fuse box under the hood)

The power distribution box is located in the engine compartment. The power distribution box contains high-current fuses that protect your vehicle’s main electrical systems from overloads.

Location of the fuse box under the hood of a Ford Expedition.
Diagram for the fuse box under the hood.
Fuses 1-11, powering fuel pump and other major accessories.
Fuses 12 through 105, controlling things like the automatic transmission, abs, and 4×4 shift motor.
Fuses 106 through 115 powering the air suspension, for models with that option, windows, seats, and other electronics.
Fuses 116 through 401, powering trailer tow lights, horn, wipers, washer fluid pump, and powertrain control module. This group contains many important, commonly blown, fuses.
Fuses 501 through 602, powering the A/C clutch, and delayed accessories.

Ford Expedition Owners Manual

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