Clever Car

clever car logo

The Clever was launched in March 2020 and is produced by Roewe. It has very similar styling to the Smart car and is almost taunting it’s inspiration with a Clever name. While the design might mimic a Mercedes-Benz Smart car, the powertrain is completely different. The Clever car uses an all electric 37 kW and … Read more

Hyundai i20 Passenger Fuse Box Diagram

hyundai i20 fuse box diagram

In this video we show the location of the passenger and engine fuse box on a Hyundai Grand i20. We also show a clear shot of the passenger fuse box diagram located under the steering wheel. Hyundai i20 Fuse Box Diagram Image Instrument Panel Fuse Box Location Hyundai i20 Passenger Fuse Diagram From Owners Manual … Read more

2019 Audi TT Debut

In the late 1990s, Audi first introduced the TT as a sporty compact two-door model, and the latest third-generation model was unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show in 2014. As a hardtop and floor-standing convertible, Audi pushed the TT to the 2019 model year and made a gentle update, including a newer look, a new … Read more

Tesla Model X 2019 Instrument Cluster

Tesla, as the leader and leading brand in new energy, have always been synonymous with cool and high-powered. This continues to be true with the 2019 Tesla Model X. Unconsciously, Tesla has been in the domestic public vision for five years, accelerating the drive for new energy. Since the birth of Model X in 2015, … Read more