Buick GL8 Vehicle Information

The new generation Buick GL8 has made a lot of bold innovations in the details of the exterior. The multi-bar-shaped tough lines are used to modify the side of the body. The craftsmanship is even better, making people feel that the interior space is more spacious and the body is more slender. The electronic configuration is rich and varied, and the functions are more complete. It is equipped with a new generation of intelligent interconnection system, one-button start, 2+2+2/6 airbag, and body esp stabilization system. The suspension system uses a rear independent suspension that the limousine enjoys for a more comfortable ride. The power system uses a 2.5L SIDI intelligent direct injection engine with a 6-speed DSS intelligent start-stop transmission, and has won many international patents. The new generation of Buick GL8 has undergone many improvements and bold breakthroughs. Whether it can continue to defend its market position, let us wait and see!

This car has been a car that everyone pays attention to since its launch, and is regarded as the leader in business models. In order to further seize the market, the new generation Buick GL8 came into being, not only to make drastic changes to the appearance, but also to work hard on the chassis and power.

Buick GL8

Summary : The GM GL8 has always been in the leading position in the domestic MPV market, and the quality is quite high. It can be said that most consumers in prefer GL8 when purchasing MPV models, especially nowadays family cars are paying more and more attention. Under the trend of practicality, GL8 is no longer limited to commercial use. Today, let us experience the convenience of storage in the daily use of this car.

Buick GL8 Rear Window Specifications