2011 Audi A3 PDF Manuals

Owners Manual

Stereo MMI User Manual

Manual DescriptionAt temperatures below 20° F (-7° C), Diesel fuel No. 2 loses its fluidity due to wax separation, which may clog the fuel filter or tank filter and keep the engine from running. To help the filter from being clogged by wax, the fuel filter in your vehicle is automatically preheated. Preheating the fuel filter makes operation of your vehicle possible with Diesel fuel No. 2 down to – 10° F (-24° C). If you expect temperatures below 5° F (-15° C) ask your fuel dealer whether their Diesel fuel No. 2 is sufficiently winterized for the prevailing and expected temperatures.

If not winterized or insufficiently winterized diesel fuel has already thickened to the extent that the engine will not start, warm the vehicle up by leaving it in a heated garage. It is normal that the engine noise level (dieseling) is louder during the warm-up period in winter. It is also normal when whitish -blue smoke comes out of the tailpipe after starting and during warm-up. The amount of smoke depends on the outside temperature.

Do not let your diesel engine idle unnecessarily after a cold start. Driving off slowly will shorten the warm-up period.